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In a double truck, 14 tons of fresh berries were intended to move from Belarus to Russia by forging product documents, registration plates and vehicle registration certificates (video)

In a VOLVO double truck, belonging to a Russian carrier company, 14 tons of blueberries and currants were intended to illegally move from Belarus to Russia.

The movement of a vehicle with a refrigerator trailer was stopped by the operational customs officers on the R-21 highway near the Belarusian-Russian border.

For verification, the driver submitted shipping documents for 5 tons of spare parts for agricultural machinery, allegedly transiting through Belarus, the sender of which was Germany, and the recipient – Russia.

As it turned out during further inspection of the truck, the documents were fake, and the semi-trailer-refrigerator contained blueberries and currants with a total value of more than 190 thousand Belarusian rubles.

It is also established that in addition to forged documents for goods, the truck registration certificate and registration license plates of the Republic of Belarus are also invalid.

This car turned out to be a "double" of a truck of a Belarusian carrier company that had just entered from Lithuania through the checkpoint «Kamenny Log». In that case the car really followed through Belarus from Germany to Russia, and in the cargo bay were spare parts for agricultural machinery.

On this fact, the Operational customs initiated an administrative process in accordance with part 4 of article 12.17 of the Administrative code of the Republic of Belarus. The carrier's funds were seized and the necessary expertise was assigned. Also, at present, customs checks are carried out under article 174 of the criminal procedure code of the Republic of Belarus on the grounds of committing crimes under articles 380, 381 ("Forgery, production, use or sale of forged documents, stamps, seals, forms", "Forgery or destruction of the vehicle identification number") of the criminal code of the Republic of Belarus.


Based on the materials of Operational customs 

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